Teeth Whitening Course

Advanced Teeth Whitening Training for Professionals

If you’re already in the beauty industry or want to embark on a new career, adding teeth whitening to your repertoire can be the extra service that helps grow your business.

Our online training workshop offers everything you need to know about offering professional teeth whitening treatments from the comfort of your home!

Get the best results

If you want to have happy teeth whitening customers you’ll need to understand how to get the best results. The technique is as important as the product and we will ensure you are offering the best possible treatment.

Providing the best treatment

We offer the most comprehensive teeth whitening training in the industry at one of the lowest prices. Learn the best teeth whitening techniques from industry experts. We have trained over 3000 salons and clinic technicians in Australia.

Teeth Whitening Course Information

Learn professional in-chair teeth whitening with Australia’s most comprehensive online teeth whitening training course.

Modules will be covered in video with quizzes to help you retain the information.

When you purchase the course you will be given access via email.

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  • Tooth Anatomy & Discolouration
  • Risks and Sensitivities
  • Having Happy Clients
  • Booking the Treatment
  • How to have a Consultation
  • Getting the Best Results
  • Treatment Process
  • Hygiene and Protocol
  • Aftercare and White Diet
  • Australian Legislation


  • Teeth Whitening Printable Client Consent Forms
  • Teeth Whitening Fact Sheets
  • Teeth Whitening Aftercare Sheets
  • Teeth Whitening Certificate

What is Teeth Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is where whitening gel is applied to the teeth. The solution is then activated using a teeth whitening accelerator lamp, which is also referred to as laser whitening or in-chair teeth whitening.

What is the process?

To begin your teeth whitening treatment, the technician will provide you with a single-use treatment pack containing everything needed for the whitening treatment.
Next, the whitening gel is applied to the tooth surface. A led whitening light is used to activate the solution, which causes the gel to penetrate deeper into the tooth enamel. In general, this process takes around an hour.
Once treatment is completed, you will be able to see results instantly.

What results can I expect?

In-Chair Teeth Whitening. can whiten teeth by 5 to 14 shades. After your treatment, you may notice dramatically whiter teeth. However, this is dependent on the colour and type of enamel you have naturally.
Generally, individuals with yellow-coloured teeth see better results than those with white, brown, or grey teeth. The results to last around 12 months. Your diet, medications and smoking will affect this time frame.

Are there any side effects from teeth whitening?

You may be concerned with certain risks associated with improper teeth whitening such as tooth sensitivity or chemical burns. However, if you follow the instructions in the training course teeth whitening is completely safe and effective.